IngBP - Structural Analysis and Structural Framework Planning. Berlin

As an engineering firm highly specialised in structural framework planning, IngBP is more than just a structural designer for constructors when it comes to new buildings, reconstruction and renovation. As professional Berlin-based structural engineers, we can advise you in all areas of construction. Our structural engineering team will perform a professional structural analysis for houses, apartment buildings, office and industrial buildings, bridges, sports facilities and towers. Our Berlin-based structural engineers are specialists for new construction, reconstruction and renovation alike. We can also advise constructors beyond the mere structural analysis calculations.

Whatever the size of your construction project, by working with IngBP, you will gain access to our engineers’, draughtsmen’s and architects’ years of experience. Our engineering firm, specialised in structural framework planning, is a reliable and professional partner for any property developer and constructor.

IngBP Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH should be your first-choice civil engineer in Berlin. The IngBP specialists’ years of experience make them a reliable partner for construction projects of any size. Our engineers keep apace with technological advances and the development of new building techniques, materials and specifications (DIN, EN norms, ISO).

Since its inception, the engineering company has been under the management of Dr. O. Panovko und certified engineer S. Bajenow. The company headquarters are located in Berlin-Charlottenburg.

Our Services

Basic evaluation
Preliminary planning
Blueprint planning
Planning permission
Preparation for awarding a contract
Plan of execution